Courses & Lessons

At Havana Horses you can follow courses of half a day to two weeks, and lessons of 1 to 2 hours. You will receive individual coaching.

Language of instruction: English, Indonesian or Dutch.

Minimum age for lessons: 7 years
Minimum age for pony rides: 4 years
Mimimum age for pony rides accompanied by parent: 2 years

Maximum weight for riding: 75 kg.
Maximum age for lessons & courses: 99 years

Riders can rent the obligatory safety helmet, and chaps are also available. Visit Havana Tack Shop where you can buy all riding gear!

Our horses go barefoot and we ride with a bitless bridle, a hackamore or a sidepull.


Look at this awesome impression of a childrens' beginner lesson in 2020 on Youtube that the parents of these students made!

All lessons at Havana Horses start with haltering and taking your horse out of the field, leading, ground work games, grooming, and tacking up. You will receive individual coaching.

taking your horse out of the field

You develop your 'horse sense' and leadership skills with natural horsemanship methods. As we ride we focus on relaxation and alignment. You learn to ride the four gaits: walk, trot (sitting and rising), canter, and even gallop when you are ready to join us to the race track. We do pole work to develop your 3- and 2-point seat.

pole work in the trot

We teach classical dressage with straightness training as its basis - the horse is relaxed and in self carriage.

dressage, the horse is relaxed and in self carriage

A first lesson will always be with the bareback pad, so you can feel exactly what the horse is doing, and vice versa, the horse feels exactly what you are doing! After that we will use a saddle for some extra support and padding. When you have developed an independent seat, we can do more bareback riding, jumping with a barebackpad, or even without reins with the neck ring! To improve your confidence and balance we play with barriers as well.

Jumping with the bareback pad and a neck ring!

Intensive Courses
By following an Intensive Course at Havana Horses you will experience the importance of relaxation of mind and body when you want to interact with the horse. You will forget the fuzz and buzz of your daily life and will focus only on yourself and your horse. A course will be adapted to you personal wishes and skills. Straightness training, jumping, dressage and trail rides can also be included in the course.

We have Intensive Courses from 1 to 4 half days, or as many half days as you wish, up till 14 days (see also Horse Holidays!). The horse riding lasts from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.
The basic goal of our courses is to develop your leadership skills and your understanding of the horse's needs and biomechanics. You will develop your horse sense, i.e. the quality of being in tune with a horse’s nature. To develop your horse sense you should know two things: first, horses have very well-developed senses themselves, and second, horses are prey animals and behave as such.

Below you find some examples of possible programs of an Intensive Course. The program will be adapted to your personal wishes and skills.

Natural horse behavior

How to Handle a Horse: 1/2 Day Course
In this course you learn how to interact with your horse in a way the horse understands and feels comfortable with. You learn the basics of handling, grooming and groundwork. You will experience that a horse responds to your body language and mirrors your own behavior!

suppling the horse at liberty

Communicating with your Horse: 2 Half Days Course
In this course you learn how to communicate with your horse like horses do - which is prompt, precise and polite - from the ground with groundwork and at liberty work, and how to communicate with your horse when riding bareback. Find your balance and experience how you can really work together with your horse. Depending on your skills and the chemistry between you and your horse, riding with the saddle and a trail ride are options as well.

fun riding and jumping!

Natural Horsemanship: 3 Half Days Course
To become a horsewoman or horseman you need to learn a wide range of knowledge and skills. In this course you learn the elementary basics of natural horse care; natural horse keeping; ground work and body language; and natural riding. The course will be adapted to your skills and experience. Jumping, dressage and trail rides can also be included in the course.


Natural Hoof Care: 3 Day Course
Havana Horses offers a Course Natural Hoof Care, for horse owners, grooms and farriers. After following this course at Havana Horses you feel practiced and confident enough to trim the hoofs of your own horse! The Course lasts 3 whole days or 6 half days. Have a look at the page Natural Hoof Care for more information.
course natural hoof care