Havana Horses has been featuring in several magazines through the years. Below you can download the articles that were published about Havana Horses, around the world.

The Horse's Hoof

2017 -The American magazine The Horse's Hoof published our article Running a Riding Centre the Natural Way in their 2016-2017 Winter issue!

2008 - Derry McCormick from the Equine Science Academy wrote an article about us in Barefoot in Indonesia! published in The Horse's Hoof - News for Barefoot Hoof Care.

Horsemanship Magazine

2016 - Two articles were published in Horsemanship Magazine (UK).

Holidays for riders: Indonesia! appeared in Horsemanship Magazine's June/July issue.

Barefoot Success: living without shoes appeared in August/September 2016.

Tabloid Kuda

2010 - Tabloid Kuda was established in Yogyakarta in June 2010 when the first edition was published. Havana Horses wrote a monthly article, on topics concerning natural horse care and natural horsemanship. Unfortunately the magazine ceased to exist after only four months. Below you can download the published articles.

Edisi IV Th. I Oktober 2010 "Perawatan dan latihan kuda secara alami" (Natural horse keeping and natural horsemanship)

tabloid kuda edisi IV oktober 2010

Edisi V Th. I Desember 2010 "Mengapa kuda kita menjadi stress? Tanda-tanda kuda dengan perilaku aneh dan perilaku bahaya (stable vices)" Why do our horses suffer from stress? Strange and dangerous horse behavior (stable vices)

tabloid kuda edisi V desember 2010