Want to know more? At our Veranda you will find a library of useful titles on natural horsemanship, natural horse keeping, hoof care and horses in general; and a variety of magazines in English, Dutch and Indonesian.
For those who love both the excitement of horses and of well written detectives, we have an elaborate collection of the books by champion jockey Dick Francis.

A selection of what you can find on our bookshelves is listed below:


Books in English

Bird, Jo
2002 Keeping a Horse the Natural Way. USA: Interpet Publishing.

Budiansky, Stephen
1997 The Nature of Horses. Exploring Equine Evolution, Intelligence, and Behavior. USA: The Free Press.

Burns, Deborah (ed.)
2001 Storey’s Horse-Lover’s Encyclopedia. An English & Western A-to-Z Guide. USA: Storey Publishing.

Coleby, Pat
2001 Natural Horse Care. USA: Acres.

Dennis, Dianna Robin, John J. McCully & Paul M. Juris
2004 The Rider’s Fitness Program. 74 Exercises & 18 Workouts Specifically Designed for the Equestrian. USA: Storey Publishing.

Dulak, Janice
2006 Pilates for the Dressage Rider. Engaging the human spine using Pilates. USA: Half Halt Press, Inc.

Frei, Erica K.
2008 Centered Self, Centered Horse. A Simple Guide to Horsemanship. USA: Awareness In Riding.

Gawani Pony Boy
1998 Horse, Follow Closely. Native American Horsemanship.USA: Bow Tie Press.

Gerard-Bouzar, Henri
1998 The Art of Training Horses. Australia.

Giffin, James M. & Tom Gore
1989 Horse Owner’s Veterinary Handbook. Second Edition. New York: Howell Book House.

Hempfling, Klaus Ferdinand
2001 Dancing with Horses. Communication by body language. London: J.A. Allen.
2002 What Horses Reveal.From first meeting to friend for life. Trafalgar Square Books.
2011 It's Not I Who Seeks The Horse, The Horse Seeks Me. My Path to an Understanding of Equine Body Language. USA: CADMOS.

Hill, Cherry
2006 How to Think Like a Horse. The essential Handbook for understanding why horses do what they do. USA: Storey Publishing.

Hourdebaigt, Jean-Pierre
2007 Equine Massage. A Practical Guide. Howell Equestrian Library. USA: Wiley Publishing.

Irwin, Chris
2005 Dancing with your Dark Horse. How Horse Sense Helps Us Find Balance, Strength and Wisdom. USA: Da Capo Press.

Jackson, Jaime
2001 Founder, Prevention & Cure the Natural Way. USA: Star Ridge Publishing.
2002 Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care. The barefoot alternative to horse shoeing. USA: Star Ridge Publishing.

Karl, Philippe
2008 Twisted Truths of Modern Dressage, 5th edition 2014. UK: Cadmos Publishing.

Kohanov, Linda
2001 The Tao of Equus. USA: New World Library.

2005 The Merck Veterinary Manual, Ninth Edition. USA: Merck & Co/Merial Limited.

Pohdajsky, Alois
1967 The Complete Training of Horse and Rider. California, USA: Wilshire Book Company.

Pomeranz, Lynne
2006 Among Wild Horses. A portrait of the Pryor Mountain mustangs.. USA: Storey Publishing.

Ramey, Pete
2003 Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You. USA: Star Ridge Publishing.

Rashid, Mark
1993 Considering the Horse. Tales of Problems Solved and Lessons Learned. USA: Johnson Books.
1996, 2007 A good Horse is never a Bad Colour. UK: David & Charles.
2004 Horses Never Lie. The heart of passive leadership. UK: David & Charles.
2005 Horsemanship Through Life. USA: Spring Creek Press.
2013 A Journey to Softness.USA: Rockin Publishing.

Resnick, Carolyn
2005 Naked Liberty. Memoirs of my childhood. USA: Amigo Publications.

Swift, Sally
2002 Centered Riding 2. Further exploration. London: J.A. Allen.

2006 The Art of Horsemanship. USA: Dover Publications. Originally published by Little, Brown and Company, Boston, 1893.

Books in Dutch

Leibbrandt, Karin
2017 Je Paard Succesvol Trainen. Paardvriendelijk presteren met het moderne sportpaard.Het Boekenschap.

McBane, Susan
2003 Anatomie en Gedrag van het Paard. Utrecht: Veltman Uitgevers.

Moffett, Heather
2000 Verlichte Rijkunst. Rijden in Harmonie met uw Paard. Lisse: Zuid Boekproducties.

Roberts, Monty
2001 De Man die naar Paarden Luistert. Amsterdam: Ooievaar.

Teblick, Inge
2005 Grondwerk met paarden. Van spelen tot gymnasticeren. Belgium: CrèmeBrulée.

Veldman, Frans & Ilona Kooiman
2005 Natuurlijk Bekappen. Gezondere hoeven en betere prestaties in sport & recreatie. Nederland: Paard Natuurlijk.
2007 Paard Natuurlijk. Gezondere paarden en betere prestaties in sport & recreatie. Nederland: Paard Natuurlijk.



Annon, Roeliff & Roberto Quijandra
2006 Groundwork - DVD. USA.

Gerard-Bouzar, Henri
1998 The Half-Halt - The Missing Link - DVD. Australia.

Hempfling, Klaus Ferdinand
2004 Coming Together. Use Body Language to Establish Leadership, Friendship, and Trust - DVD. USA.

Parelli, Pat
2004 Pat Parelli’s Natural Horsemanship Program. Level 1. USA.

Rashid, Mark
2013 A Journey to Softness. USA.

Resnick, Carolyn
2005 Introduction to the Waterhole Rituals. USA.

In Dutch

Voest, Emiel
Freestyle Training. Fase I & II. Nederland.

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