Trails on Horseback

For our trail rides on horseback you should be secure in the saddle; beginners should take lessons first. Trail rides are adapted to your riding skills. We ride in groups of maximum four riders, accompanied by at least one experienced guide.

Exciting trail rides on horseback

Cantering in between the rice fields.
Also our young horses love to go on a trail ride
We like to take our young, learning horses out on the trail right from the start to build confidence and stamina. And they just love it!

Sawah & Kampung Trail

Experience the authentic village (or kampung) life, a beautiful view on the Volcano Merapi, enjoy the tranquil and natural surroundings with green rice fields (or sawah) where farmers work with their buffaloes.

Authentic village life

Trail ride through the rice fields

The environment is just beautiful

Look at this impression of a stay at Havana Horses, including a trail ride, on Youtube made by a guest, after her visit in September 2014!

YouTube video 2014