Prices and General Info

Rules & Regulations

- Riders at Havana Horses must be at least 2 years old for (accompanied) pony rides and 7 years old for lessons.
- Havana Horses enforces a strict weight limit of 75 kilograms for the rider.
- For working with horses and horse riding a good physical and mental condition is required.
- For special needs children we facilitate horse guided empowerment and animal assisted therapy. Please contact us for more information.
- All riders ride at their own risk. Visitors agree to hold Havana Horses harmless from any claim resulting from damage or injury caused by horses, owners or guests.
- All lessons and lesson packages expire 4 months from date of purchase, or 4 months after the date on the first strip of the lesson strip card.
- A lesson lasts one hour, or 60 minutes. A pony ride lasts 30 minutes. A student's lesson starts on its scheduled time whether or not the student is late.
- Havana Horses enforces a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. Any student who fails to attend his/her lesson without notice is a "no show" and will be charged the full lesson price. Any cancellation made without at least 24-hour notice will be considered a "no show" and charged the full lesson price.
- Havana Horses does not issue refunds.
- Proper riding attire - helmet, riding shoes and chaps, or boots - must be worn whenever riding at Havana Horses.
- Havana Horses students and staff promote respect and kindness toward humans and horses.
- Screaming and running are prohibited. If you bring additional children you will need to have additional guardians present to ensure their safety.
- In case of rain, please call before you come for your lesson or before assuming your lesson is cancelled. It may not be raining at Havana Horses, even if it is raining at your location. Classes are generally held, if at all possible.
- Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your lesson to attire yourself with helmet and chaps, and be prepared to spend another ten minutes to untack and take care of your horse. Allow plenty of travel time for our busy Central Java roads.
- Groundwork, grooming and tacking are a part of horsemanship and therefore a significant part of your lesson.

Opening Times

We are open from Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00. Entrance to Havana Horses by appointment only. Send a message by WA at least 24 hours in advance for your appointment.
Please take into account that horses and humans are resting and eating between 12:00 and 14:00.
We are closed for lessons on Mondays and Tuesdays; open on most public holidays.

Prices (as per January 1, 2023)

Pony Ride Rp 150.000 / 30 minutes

Lessons Rp 290.000 per hour

Trail Rides on Horseback Rp 290.000 per hour

Lesson Strip Card: 10 + 1 Free Rp 2.900.000
You can buy our practical Strip Card with 10 strips and you get 1 for free. One strip equals a one hour lesson or a one hour trail on horseback. The Lesson Strip Card is personal and must be used within four months after purchase (the date on the first strip).

Pony Ride Strip Card: 10 + 1 Free Rp 1.500.000
NEW: the Pony Ride Strip Card. Buy 10 pony rides and get 1 for free. One strip equals a 30 minutes pony ride. The Pony Ride Strip Card is personal and must be used within four months after purchase (the date on the first strip).

Intensive Courses Natural Horsemanship
The program starts at 9 am and ends at 12 noon.
1 Morning Intensive Course: Rp 795.000
2 Mornings Intensive Course: Rp 1.590.000
3 Mornings Intensive Course: Rp 2.385.000
4 Mornings Intensive Course: Rp 3.180.000
5 Mornings Intensive Course: Rp 3.975.000

Course Barefoot Hoof Care
3-Days (9:00 till 16:00, including lunch) Course Natural Barefoot Trimming: Rp 3.975.000

Workshop Leadership Training with Horses
We designed this Workshop to give your company, student society, working team, cirlce of friends or family an extraordinarily empowering and fun experience! Workshop Leadership Training for 8 people from 9:00 to 12:30, including lunch and drinks: Rp 4.500.000

Havana Horses Lodge
Accommodation per night, including breakfast:
1 double room (1-2 people): Rp 750.000
2 double rooms (3-4 people): Rp 1.250.000
2 double rooms + 1 extra single bed (5 people): Rp 1.400.000
2 double rooms + 1 extra double bed (6 people): Rp 1.600.000

Yoga Retreat
Empowering Natural Horsemanship and Yoga Retreat programs last 2 to 10 days - or as many days as suits you!
Price indication p.p. including accommodation in our Lodge, airport transfers, all meals, drinks & snacks: Rp 2.400.000 a day

Pony Camp Rp 1.900.000 per participant.
We organize a Pony Camp of 3 days / 2 nights every 3 to 4 months. Watch our announcements on Facebook! For all horse lovers of 7 years and up!
Did you know it is possible to organize a Pony Camp at Havana Horses on request? For a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 children of 7 years and older. Just contact us for more info.

Riding Gear
For working with horses and horse riding wear long comfortable pants and covered shoes with a low heel. Helmets and chaps are available for rent. You can buy professional riding gear in Havana Tack Shop.

Natural Barefoot Trim
Corrective / rehab trim of four feet: Rp 450.000
Maintenance trim: Rp 300.000

Boarding & Training
Boarding: Ponies Rp 3.500.000 / Horses Rp 4.000.000 per month
Training sessions: Rp 290.000 per hour

Take a look at this example of our Boarding & Training Contract.

Hold Harmless

Visitors agree to hold Havana Horses harmless from any claim resulting from damage or injury caused by horses, owners or guests, to anyone. Havana Horses is not liable for any injury, sickness, theft or any damage, either physical or material.

Please be aware that horses are friendly but large prey animals and behave instinctively.


Indonesia: (014) Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Account name: Havedz Nugroho
Account nr: 2520713631
Branch: (0252) MT Haryono Street, Semarang

Indonesia: (014) Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Account name: Havedz Nugroho and/or Hadewych Anna van Rheeden
Account nr: 0131744195
Branch: (0013) Salatiga

The Netherlands: ING Bank
Account name: H.A. van Rheeden
Account nr: 4835064
IBAN: NL98INGB0004835064

Advance payments made are not reimbursed.


CV Havana (Havana Ltd.) is registered under number 503/326/PK/IX/2007 at the Department of Industry, Trade and Investment, Semarang, Indonesia.

First Aid

Trained as a nurse, Havedz is qualified for First Aid.

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