Havana Tack Shop

Havana Tack Shop

training & riding equipment

Everything you need for training and riding you find at Havana Tack Shop. Havana Tack Shop is official reseller for the high quality brand HKM, Germany. Good quality horsemanship tack, lead ropes, halters, saddles, (bitless) bridles, and riding gear such as helmets, breeches, jodhpur boots and chaps, imported from Europe. If you are looking for something that we do not have in stock, we can always order it for you! Contact us for more information and prices.

Havana Horses Lodge

Havana Horses Lodge

For a perfect horsey holiday or weekend you can stay in our Lodge (see also: Horse Holiday!) This upcycled old Javanese house has a beautiful view; to the rear there are vast coffee plantations, and to the front there is our spacious horse paddock. The Lodge accommodates 1 to 4 persons, and with some extra beds even 6. There is a kitchen with all supplies for your breakfast, there are two bathrooms with hot water, and a natural swimming pool! Taking a dip in this private pool is like swimming in a river together with fish and turtles. Waking up in the morning with the horses is just the perfect way to really feel close to Nature!

Equine Spa

equine spa

The therapeutic water in our Equine Spa contains a chosen composition of minerals and salts with cooling, disinfecting, anti-fungus and healing qualities. Tendons and hoofs cool down and heal while your horse just loves to play with the water!

Picadero 11,3 x 11,3 m

Picadero 11,3 x 11,3 m

The picadero is a Spanish concept, among others used by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, for horse training. Its size is perfect for liberty work and longeing, to supple the horse, as it has to bend through the corners. We broke down our round pen, after we found that - especially the young - horses feel trapped in a round area with no beginning and no end.

Arena 20 x 60 meter

Riding Arena 60 x 20 meter

Our spacious riding arena, with the measurements of an international ring, is perfect for groundwork, natural riding, dressage & jumping. Riding between the green 'kebun' or gardens with a variety of plants and trees, such as coffee and coconut trees, is a real pleasure!

Tack Room

Tack Room

In our tack room all tack, such as saddles, bareback pads, halters, bridles, neck rings, lead ropes, and the other daily necessities are stored in an orderly manner.


Shelter for the rain, wind and sun

Spacious shelter

Spacious shelters are provided to hide from the heat, rain or wind. Some horses like to seek shelter when it rains heavily, other horses like to stay in the rain. We find that many horses like to be out in the sun at the hottest part of the day. Anyway, all horses prefer to have a choice!

Pasture & Paddocks 12500 m2

Paddocks & Pasture

Uneven stony ground

Our 12500 m2 of pasture and paddocks is divided into three parts for sequential grazing and managing of the land. Because our horses live outside 24/7 they are used to falling coconuts, leaves and branches of trees, and therefore are not spooky; they are used to walk and run on uneven stony ground with holes and bumps which makes them brave and sure-footed!

Food Corner

food corner

In our food corner we mix our horse feed ourselves. This is an organic mixture of wheat bran, rice bran, and the essential - naturally available - minerals copper sulphate, dolomite and sulphur. This mixture is again mixed with a lot of chaff (chopped up fourage) to provide the horses with bulk in the form of fibers. Next to the feed there is always a free-choice lick of dolomite and salts available. Our happy horses with their shiny coats and rock hard hooves prove we have found the right recipe!

Parking Lot

Spacious Parking Lot

Park your car or motor cycle in our spacious parking lot and walk down to the horses. Please note that you always need to make an appointment before entering Havana Horses.