Straightness Training

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Straightness Training is a horse training program, developed by Marijke de Jong, of progressive exercises designed to strengthen the topline and the hind quarters of the horse, so the horse becomes stronger and well-balanced. The goal is to make and keep our horse fit in body, mind, heart, and soul, far into his older age. By recognizing and rebalancing the natural asymmetry of our horse we can solve a lot of unnecessary stress and tension, both in body and mind. In Straightness Training we use specific exercises, derived from the old masters and classical dressage, to help our horse develop the best possible physique to carry a rider, so our horse can move in the most healthy way.

Did you know that many problems in riding arise from the natural assymetry of our horse? Is your horse hard in the mouth on one side? Does your horse buck in the canter? Is your horse speeding up in the trot and canter? Is your horse difficult to handle? These problems in riding occur when our horse lacks balance, in the body, in the mind, or in both! With Straightness Training we can help our horse become more balanced in body and mind.

Straightness Training consists of five pillars: Groundwork, Longeing, Work in Hand, Liberty, and Riding.

Straightness Training

Progressive exercises

Before and after

before and after

Watch Straightness Training at liberty here on Youtube!

Anna is certified Straightness Training Instructor.

Certified ST Instructor