Boarding and Training of Your Horse


You can bring your horse to Havana Horses for boarding and training on a month-to-month basis. Your horse will live in the herd on pasture/paddocks day and night (see Natural horse keeping. If your horse used to live in a stall, you will find that in the first few months it will loose weight because of the opportunity to move freely and roam and play day and night. If up till now your horse was fed on prefabricated horse feeds, it will need some time to adapt to the natural diet at Havana Horses. In general the horse’s intestines recover their natural balance in a few months.

As all our horses go barefoot, at Havana Horses your horse’s irons will be removed. Natural hoof care is included in the contract.


Your horse will be trained with natural horsemanshipmethods without the use of any force. The elementary training as mentioned in the boarding contract below, consists of daily purposeful handling by Havana Horses’ trainers, in addition to lunging with the half-halt, freestyle training, groundwork and natural riding basics.

Additional training sessions have an average duration of 60 minutes and include: training at liberty, work on the long lines, and, in agreement with your horse’s level of development, basic or advanced principles of dressage. Also jumping skills can be included in the training.

training of the young horse

Boarding & Training Contract

Take a look at this example of our Boarding & Training Contract.
Of course your personal wishes and specifications can be discussed and included in the contract.